Trouble Sleeping..

Have trouble sleeping.. It’s always like this after a screw up..
I think it’s happen to everyone tasting failure..
The feel of not being able to do anything about it cause it’s all in the past.
The regrets.. wishing time can repeat it self, so that I have another chance to make it right..
Wishing… what if?? why didn’t I?? Why..why..
Stupid rhetorical question.. cause you can’t undo the past.

Now, the only means of escape from the sorrow is just thinking about tomorrow..
Plan it.. Execute it.. successfully! Make up for that past mistake..
I won’t waste another minute of my time numbing in this comfort zone..
I’ll take a challenge. First thing Tommorrow!

If I have to stay in my current place than I damned well better aced at it!

-Diriku Pikiranku-
November 2007


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