Feel Confident?

Self Confidence. I always think I have it. But I sometime stuttered at important presentation. My nerves got the better of me. Either that, or I was easily intimidated.. and that’s not good also. J I crave for that subtle confidence I see in each person I admired. I admire people who are comfortable in their own skin. Who knows exactly who they are and not afraid to show it. But I don’t think I’ve currently reached that state. Hiks..hiks.. I hate blaming on my past. But maybe I have to admit, I do have scars from my past experience. Especially at junior high. L I don’t regret anything.. I learn so much from my Junior High years.. I learn to held my head high, have high regards of my self, not ashamed of being anything but me. But still, that insecure part of my self chose to show itself at the most inappropriate times.  Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here.. Self Confidence is something that you earned through experience.. through knowledge.. through achievements.. through self awareness It’s something you become through learning curve, not just an act in public. Trying to evaluate my self, I do believe I’m better at it now than I was in Junior High.. But still, there was ups and downs.. Like I said.. a learning curve. The challenge is how to collect as much experience and achievement to maintain the ups and minimize the downs..  Not an easy task.. but definitely worth doing.. J

-Diriku Pikiranku-


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