The Same Old Question..

Last night, I went to my friend’s weeding party.. It was nice..seeing old friends from college.. Had a lot of laughs.. great talks.. And then..someone ask the same old question.. “How’s your love life?? Do you have a boyfriend yet??”… yeah..yeah..yeah.. the same every time on every weddings.. It’s like there’s no other topics.. Please Deh! Why can’t people learn to just mind their own business!  You know..everything has it’s moments.. and finding your true love, partner in life, just fate.. Sure, we could try to increase our probability to find it soon by opening ourselves, making friends and acquaintances.. But when, where, and whether or not we find it is GOD’s will.. It’s fate.. HE will give his blessings at the most appropriate time.. when we are ready to receive them.. All we can human.. is just accept it, work hard, and always pray for the best.  I’ve accepted it.. I have faith in it.. but why did I always hear that annoying question? Cause to be honest.. it’s just making the waiting a LOT worse!! It’s like they keep reminding me of what’s not yet happened and disturbing my faith. It’s like they were trying to blame it on me.. cause most of the time, their comment to my answer (which was No) was “ should try new yourself to someone” or “Don’t focus too much on your career..don’t work so hard and forget about having families”.. and so on and so forth.. Cape Deh! Hell, If you care that much, why don’t you introduce me with someone? Then, you’ll play and active roll than just asking annoying question!  To all my friends.. Why don’t you let me live my life.. Let me take my time.. Give me room to breath.. to make my own choices.. Let me be in peace with God’s will.. Let me continue living with my faith.. Everything will happen in its appropriate time. So that, when it happen.. we’ll appreciate it more and then it will be more beautiful. Please..stop asking me that annoying question, Ok! Love you all. J  I love you.. I came here tonight, not because it’s New Years Eve or because I’m lonely. I’m here because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you’ll want the rest of your life to start immediately! (Beautiful words from the movie “When Harry meet Sally”.) -Diriku Pikiranku-  November 2007


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