Friends Forever?

Did you ever get bored with your friend?

Being on the phone with him and have no desire to say anything.. not even to try?

Giving only short and can’t wait to end the conversation.

When just a couple of months ago you practically poured your heart out to him, talked about anything and everything?

And it all happens for no particular reason actually. It’s not like he did something wrong or anything. It’s just like the switch is off.. something is missing..the connection wasn’t there anymore. He’s suddenly become a stranger.

What should one do in that situation?

It happened to me actually and in some way it kind of made me felt uneasy. After all, he is my best friend. I felt obliged to be nice and caring. But on the other hand, the effort alone felt like such hard work. Hhhhhhhh…

But it got me thinking though..

Maybe friendship, like any other relationships, needs hard work!

At times when things go dull, you got to make some effort to bond again. To remember whatever reason that made you guys became best friends in the first place and relives it.

That’s what we usually take for granted, putting friendship in second, third or even fourth place in our life (after marriage, kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, career, social activities, etc, which is somewhat a reasonable thing to do). But then again, without friends, life is not complete, right? So maybe we need to invest our time in friendship too. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves several years from now, surrounded by many acquaintances but no friends! Arrrggghhhh…can’t imagine how lonely that would be.

So, friends forever? Definitely!


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