On my Birthday..

A friend told me on my birthday:
“Happy Birthday Yoan. May you have all you wished for..achieve all your goals!”.

I said.. “That’s the problem.. I don’t know what I want. Right now, I can’t say for sure what my goal is. All I have is a vague idea of it. Like I’m still standing in the crossroads, thinking that all paths lead to the same place.. Anything now will do, as long as it’s positive.”

He said, “Yoan, c’mon. You’re 27. It’s not an age where you still wonder what to do. It’s an age where you start to focus and go after your goals!”

I was lost for words.. He was right. He said that damned truth in front of my face.

“You need to take some time to think about what you want. Do it now and do it fast!” he said.

Well friend.. I’ve taken the time.. Now, I’m proud to say that the goal is starting to take shape. I no longer see multiple roads in front of me but see only one. I can’t say it’s crystal clear yet.. but at least now I know what to focused on.

Thank you friend. I needed that “push” to point me to the right direction.. 🙂


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