The BIG Decision..

I’ve waited so long for this moment..

The moment when a new door opens up for me.. leads me to a new opportunity.. Full of promises of a learning experience, of an increased responsibility, of a challenge that may well be above my current capacity. A means to trial my abilities, to exercise my potentials, to see if I got what it takes to take myself to the next level..

In a nutshell, a learning curve is finally awaits!

So here I am.. just a decision away from entering that new door.. the one that will lead me to that learning curve.. The opportunity finally arrive..

And I freeze.

Even after imagining for quite some time, what it would be like to finally make that final choice.. to take that first step away from this steady state.. this comfort zone that I’m in.. When the time finally come to make that decision, I found myself scared stiff. I was terrified to choose that path. Afraid of the outcomes.

What if I do not have what it takes?

What if I do not  fit with the new culture and the new environment?

What if I fail to deliver result and ended up being let go?

What if I make the wrong decision and end up in a place far worse from where I am now?

Those “what-ifs” and other negative thoughts filled my mind. Clouding my thoughts from other possibilities.. Because THERE IS another probable outcome of that decision. THERE IS another promising end of this scenario..

What if I DO have what it takes to do this?

What if I AM able to rise to the challenge and conquer it?

Then I will develop my self in the process.. I will grow intellectually and emotionally..  I will make an impact..make a meaning out of myself and my roles..  I will be several steps closer to my goal..

In light of that other possible outcome..  I wonder..  Is it worth the risk?

Of course it is!

I know i may fail this..but I can also succeed.

I can plan to succeed.

I can prepare my self, do my homework, develop my game plan, fight to succeed!

Therefore, I will not let this negativity hinder me from reaching my goal.

I am going to take that final step.

I have made my decision. May GOD guides me through the challenges that lies ahead.

I am ready.


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