“Narsis” with Photofunia

Mentioned and Inspired by a friends blog, I decided to also share my photofunia experience..hehe. ;p

Photofunia is a place on the web where you can add digital effects to your photos, instantly, and FOR FREE!! 🙂 There are 84 templates to choose from, some of them using face detection technology. All you need to do is select the effect you want to apply from the available templates  and upload your photo. Then, Photofunia will process it and instantly show you the result which you can save to your computer or use as avatar.  Interesting, huh?

Well.. no need to say more.. sebagai seorang narsis sejati..langsyuuung deh aku coba. ;p

So.. here is my photofunia gallery :


As cheesy as it looks, I could NOT resist the temptation to see how I look on Beckham’s body. LOL. 🙂


Which one is Me??

me ancient witch wanted

what u'r looking at?

What You’re Looking At??

Cool huh? Who said you need to master photoshop to be able to edit your photos?? Though I must say, the process is not entirely effortless. Some templates requires you to carefully select the appropriate poses and facial expressions to create better results.

How about it.. Wanna try?? 🙂


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