Happiness starts with the simple things..

This is an old post of mine.. I re-publish it as a reminder for my self and my readers to take those small steps..  little by little build happiness from doing good deeds to others, however insignificant it may seems. And also, don’t forget to say thank you to anyone who lend a helping hand or give you help when you least expect it. From my observation, many people (especially in Jakarta) are ignorant to both acts..doing good deeds and saying “thank you” for receiving one.

Let’s start a new movement in this area, starting from ourselves!  Enjoy doing those little things!! 🙂


Sometimes..we dwell to much on the “big” things.. Like a broken heart.. a delay achievement of goals.. poor performance at work.. Those “big” things that we thought, if we get them right, our life will be perfect. We concentrate on them too much that we forgot the simple joy of doing little things in life.. good things.. Such as giving your seat on the bus to an old lady.. Smiling and saying “Hi!” to everybody at work.. Being polite and nice to people on the bus, those people that you don’t know..

Yesterday, I learned that doing those things.. (the things that people, especially in Jakarta, considered unimportant and unworthy of doing) can really made my day! It made me really ( and I do mean REALLY) happy! Growing up in Jakarta.. I learned to behave like the others.. I learned NOT to care.. to mind my own business.. You can not be nice if you want to survive.. You have to be tough! To kick and elbow your way into a bus to get a seat.. even if it means you’ll stepped on somebody else’s feet or you’ll let an elderly stand all through the trip.. Cause everyone else DOES IT! You have to learn and keep up! Yesterday, a bit of conscious triggered me.. Made me act differently.. And it felt so good!I learned that I can choose, whether or not I’ll behave like others.. I don’t give a damn if everybody’s being rude.. I don’t think it’s good. I won’t do it anymore.. And believe it or not, there are still people in Jakarta who valued it (even though you must prepare yourself for those who wouldn’t thank you for your good deeds, coz they just don’t think it was important).

You don’t always need BIG things to happen to make you happy.. Give good deeds everyday, no matter how little it is or how unimportant it may seems.. Those little things can really brighten up your day! Cheers! 🙂

-Diriku Pikiranku-


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