Heartbreak Junkie

Image: sangbintang.files.wordpress.com

Why do I always wish for the impossible

Am I a heartbreak junkie?

But still.. seeing him smile. I can’t stop thinking it will all be worthwhile..

If only I could get him to smile like that..just for me..

Only for me..

They say if you see it as impossible it will be impossible.

But how can I dare to hope that an almost perfect guy will look upon this far from perfect girl with anything close to affection?

Friendship..we do have.. Even brotherly love I believe he already felt for me..

But love.. I can’t say that he will..

How do I even dare to let this feeling grow.

When this seems like another path destined for heartbreak.

Why can’t I just let it go and feel “safe” again..

I think it’s my nature to always want to give it a go..

However small the chances are..

Either that or I’m just plain old stupid. I don’t know..

All I know is that now I can’t stop thinking about him..

I want to see him again..soon.. (finger’s crossed).

Diriku Pikiranku
April 20th, 2009

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