A Simple Act of Gratitude

“I’m glad I have you here..” My Boss said..

And with only that short sentence I feel revived..

My tired self who was ready to go straight home after all the hectic schedule of the day.. was energized..

Instead of going home, I stayed for another hour or two, motivated to do some extra work..

It’s like the energizer bunny, after being installed with a new set of batteries, all of a sudden rapidly thumping the drum..

With that simple exclamation.. My Boss has motivated me to do more.

I don’t know if he had planned it or not..

But I trully realize after that, the power of a simple act of appreciation..

Like a pat on the back, or simple words like “Good Job!”

The increase in motivation and employee engagement that those simple words achieved is amazing!

We usually implement punishment for mistakes or non-achievers and give bonuses for high achievers.. but we seldom rewards accomplishments with simple act of gratitude. Frankly speaking, I’d be happy for the bonus money transfered to my account for my accomplishment..but it doesn’t came close to how I feel when my boss said those simple words to me. Money matters..but attention counts for so much more!

“I’m glad I have you here..” he said. It made me feel meaningful..

And because of those words..I plan to contribute more.. do the best that I can..

And take his action as a role model of true leadership and good people management.

Your welcome Boss! 🙂


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