Things I Love Monday..

20 Juli 2009

  • Long holiday!! (i thinks it’s every Indonesian most loved theme this week.. 🙂 )
  • Cooking nasi goreng special ala Yoan (Yoan’s special fried rice).. which was super spicy as usual.. hehe..

nas gorCan u see the many pieces of green chili I put on the fried rice?? Yumm..

  • Finding a cause: #indonesiaunite on Twitter and become a full suporter!
  • Buying Shea Body Butter from Body Shop after eyeing it on the shelfs and drooling about it for some time.. Oh what the’s one of my guilty pleasures..
image from:
  • Stay in bed for the whole Sunday.. Hhhhh…lazy is nice..
sleepimage from:
  • Delfi Hot Cocoa accompanied by Richeese Nabati Wafer Keju.. Yumm..chocolate and cheese..what more do you need..
  • Roaming through Faisal Reza’s Photos – Bromo-Tengger Trip collection.. Gosh, so beautiful.. Loving Indonesia more and more.. Planning to go there next year. Here’s one picture I love the most:
Breathtaking view of Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia 
(pictures by: Faisal Reza)

Yup..that’s a wrap for this week..

See u next week for another weekly gratitude routine.. Bubye! 🙂


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