Things I Love Monday..

26 October 2009

Hei..hei.heiiii… I’m back… I’m back.. in this new edition of Things I Love Monday!

Semoga minggu ini gw lebih produktif ya Bok..jadi tulisannya ga Things I Love Monday what my friend, Elin, said.. De ja Vu.. hehe.. (Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! ;p)

Oke. My pick of the things I Looooove for the past week is..

  • Another victory from my favorite team in Barclays Premier League, Liverpool crushed Manchester United yesterday 2-0. Yipppiieeeee!! And Torres scored the opening goal.. I’m so happy I can’t stop smilling.. Thank you ESPN for bringing it LIVE yesterday!

Here is the preview of Liverpool vs Manchester United (2-0) 25 October 2009:

  • Try a new look for my BLOG.. Yes, this blog’s theme has changed in case you haven’t notice.. How do you like it?? 🙂 I try a more simple look with white background and a new picture for my header. This picture was taken by my friend and favorite photographer: Faisal Reza. He’s the BEST photographer I know, and you can see more of his work here. (tuh..Sol..sesuai janji.. gw promosiin abis daahh.. Thanks for letting me use your photo for free Man.. It was so kind of you.. 🙂 )

A little note about my header picture.. It’s a view from the dock in Ujung Kulon where we went with our friends last year. That dock hold a special place in my heart since I love to sit there in the afternoon..just in silence..looking at the sea. And at night we all sit there quietly just watching the stars.. There was a lot of stars that night..fresh pollution.. Hhhhh… I miss the place already. That dock really represent what this blog is all about to me.. A place where I could sit in silence with my thoughts..pour my mind out into writing..and just be ME. Diriku..Pikiranku.. (Duuh..kok jadi curhat.. mulai ngelantur niih..maap.. moving on..)

  • My anti-social mood. This past week I just love to stay at home and just be alone.. I know I should not be this way.. I should mingle.. go out with friends.. But I just got tired with all the noise.. It is nice sometime to be able to just be alone..and enjoy my aloneness.. Very happy..  🙂
  • Found another Great Role Model: Greg Mortenson. A great humanitarian, who risked it all to go back to the impoverished Pakistan Village in the Karakoram Mountains and delivered his promise of building a school to the people who once saved his life. Over the next decade, he managed to built not only one but fifty-five schools in remote villages across Pakistan and Afghanistan. A great and inspiring story.. A story of a person who live for something higher than self.

You can read his story in the book “Three Cups of Tea”.. I hope you will be inspired as I am.. Enjoy.. 🙂


Well.. I guess that’s all for now People. Got to get my beauty sleep.

See u soon..


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