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Things I Love Monday..

26 October 2009

Hei..hei.heiiii… I’m back… I’m back.. in this new edition of Things I Love Monday!

Semoga minggu ini gw lebih produktif ya Bok..jadi tulisannya ga Things I Love Monday what my friend, Elin, said.. De ja Vu.. hehe.. (Bad Blogger! Bad Blogger! ;p)

Oke. My pick of the things I Looooove for the past week is..

  • Another victory from my favorite team in Barclays Premier League, Liverpool crushed Manchester United yesterday 2-0. Yipppiieeeee!! And Torres scored the opening goal.. I’m so happy I can’t stop smilling.. Thank you ESPN for bringing it LIVE yesterday!

Here is the preview of Liverpool vs Manchester United (2-0) 25 October 2009:

  • Try a new look for my BLOG.. Yes, this blog’s theme has changed in case you haven’t notice.. How do you like it?? 🙂 I try a more simple look with white background and a new picture for my header. This picture was taken by my friend and favorite photographer: Faisal Reza. He’s the BEST photographer I know, and you can see more of his work here. (tuh..Sol..sesuai janji.. gw promosiin abis daahh.. Thanks for letting me use your photo for free Man.. It was so kind of you.. 🙂 )

A little note about my header picture.. It’s a view from the dock in Ujung Kulon where we went with our friends last year. That dock hold a special place in my heart since I love to sit there in the afternoon..just in silence..looking at the sea. And at night we all sit there quietly just watching the stars.. There was a lot of stars that night..fresh pollution.. Hhhhh… I miss the place already. That dock really represent what this blog is all about to me.. A place where I could sit in silence with my thoughts..pour my mind out into writing..and just be ME. Diriku..Pikiranku.. (Duuh..kok jadi curhat.. mulai ngelantur niih..maap.. moving on..)

  • My anti-social mood. This past week I just love to stay at home and just be alone.. I know I should not be this way.. I should mingle.. go out with friends.. But I just got tired with all the noise.. It is nice sometime to be able to just be alone..and enjoy my aloneness.. Very happy..  🙂
  • Found another Great Role Model: Greg Mortenson. A great humanitarian, who risked it all to go back to the impoverished Pakistan Village in the Karakoram Mountains and delivered his promise of building a school to the people who once saved his life. Over the next decade, he managed to built not only one but fifty-five schools in remote villages across Pakistan and Afghanistan. A great and inspiring story.. A story of a person who live for something higher than self.

You can read his story in the book “Three Cups of Tea”.. I hope you will be inspired as I am.. Enjoy.. 🙂


Well.. I guess that’s all for now People. Got to get my beauty sleep.

See u soon..


Things I Love Monday..

20 Juli 2009

  • Long holiday!! (i thinks it’s every Indonesian most loved theme this week.. 🙂 )
  • Cooking nasi goreng special ala Yoan (Yoan’s special fried rice).. which was super spicy as usual.. hehe..

nas gorCan u see the many pieces of green chili I put on the fried rice?? Yumm..

  • Finding a cause: #indonesiaunite on Twitter and become a full suporter!
  • Buying Shea Body Butter from Body Shop after eyeing it on the shelfs and drooling about it for some time.. Oh what the’s one of my guilty pleasures..
image from:
  • Stay in bed for the whole Sunday.. Hhhhh…lazy is nice..
sleepimage from:
  • Delfi Hot Cocoa accompanied by Richeese Nabati Wafer Keju.. Yumm..chocolate and cheese..what more do you need..
  • Roaming through Faisal Reza’s Photos – Bromo-Tengger Trip collection.. Gosh, so beautiful.. Loving Indonesia more and more.. Planning to go there next year. Here’s one picture I love the most:
Breathtaking view of Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia 
(pictures by: Faisal Reza)

Yup..that’s a wrap for this week..

See u next week for another weekly gratitude routine.. Bubye! 🙂

Things I love Monday..

Inspired by Gala Darling and also a friend of mine who always cultivating living attitude of gratitude.. I want to take a little time every monday, to count my blessings and be grateful for all the wonderful things that happenend to me in this past week..

Why Monday?? Well, everybody always says “I hate Monday”.. so, I’m going to cultivate my positive attitude to start every Monday thinking about happy things, thus lift my spirit and motivation to succeed in the following weekdays..

So, here we go.. Things I love Monday, July 13, (in random order) are:

  • Being an early riser and waking up to this view.. Breathtaking..

morning kosan 2

  • Got a chance to go home twice to Bekasi.. thanks to the Presidential election.. thus, include having a shot at night driving through Cipularang.. Hhmm.. night speeding is so much different… ;p
  • Took my Mom to see a movie.. Wow..the last time I went to a movie with her was on junior high, watching Titanic.. A loooong time ago..
  • Watched Harry Potter on HBO on lazy Sunday Morning, eating Caramel Cheese Cake from Cizz.. (the best cheese cake in Bandung! ;p)

  • Got a big break professionally.. Glad to have the chance to allocate more of my workload on important things rather than urgent ones.
  • Finding Jason Mraz’s Blog: freshness factor five thousand. His writing is always a joy to read.. I’m searching for him on Twitter right now! Yeaaayyy..found him!
  • Snuggled in my bed, beneath a heavy blanket during a cold afternoon (which is quite often in Bandung recently..)
  • A good night sleep without turning on the alarm.. (it ain’t happen on weekdays of course.. ;p)
  • Earl Grey Dilmah Tea for my morning ritual
  • Watching Limp Bizkit Reunion Concert on Rock Am Ring Germany.. Gosh, It’s like taking a trip back trough time to my high school years.  They rock my plain-boring-study oriented-youth.. ;p

  • Sop Kaki Kambing at Pesta Makanan Rakyat Bango… Nyamm..why am I hungry all of a sudden??
  • And..last but not least.. SBY win the Presidential Election by a landslide (quick count version of course..). Lanjutkan!

Yup.. That’s all for now..

Hhh…It’s good to remember all those great things.. I feel happier already! 🙂

So..tell me what’s on your list??