What Yuwana said about this Blog

Selametan Blog Baru…

Dengan mengucap Bismillahirrohmanirrohim.. dengan ini saya resmikan blog baru saya.. Semoga bermanfaat bagi pembaca.. Amien..

(Hehehe…norak yach.. ;p Semoga isinya ga senorak kata pembukanya.. 🙂)

Hi guys and gals! Welcome to my blog.

Truth be told, this is my first attempt of showing off my writings.
I maybe not be an excellent writer nor am I a poetic person. I’m just a simple girl who has this BIG dream of making her life meaningful to others.

Maybe, through putting my thoughts into words.. then words into sentences.. and then put them all together in a structured paragraphs.. I’ll be able to take my first step on this long journey towards my dreams. At least that’s what I had in mind when I first started this blog.

Basically this blog is about my experience, my thoughts, and the things that inspired me. Hopefully, it will inspire you too. To make it easier, I’ve grouped my writing into several categories (you can see on the right side of this page). Feel free to roam through the pages and tell me what you think.

Some of my writings are in Indonesian, some are in English, and some are a mix of both (like this somewhat “opening speech” 🙂). I did it for no particular reason actually, just choosing which was better to express my opinion.. (or as you may suspect, it can also be my poor attempt to cover up my inadequacies in English. :p). Kiranya pemilihan kata-kata ku masih berantakan, masih perlu banyak polesan.. Mohon dimaafkan. Terlepas dari apapun bungkusnya, semoga isinya dapat bermanfaat.

Mari kita sebagai anak negeri, menyebarkan energi positif untuk anak muda Indonesia, melalui tulisan-tulisan positif dan membangun! Amien!

Mohon masukannya. Your feedback is most welcome! 🙂


-Diriku Pikiranku-


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