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Here comes the Sun

I have a new hobby recently.

I develop a habit of waking up in the early morning, before the sun rise.

I know to some people it’s just an ordinary thing to do.. Especially for Muslims, because we usually wake up at Subuh to pray. But until now, I always consider myself NOT a morning person. I usually wake up late and go to sleep well after midnight which is why I’m more productive at night.

But after doing it for a while, I found that morning is not bad after all. I enjoy staying awake after Subuh, drinking hot coffee, sitting in front of the laptop, preparing and planning my duties of the day. Watching the sun rise.. Breathing the fresh air.. Shivering in the morning chill..

Aaahhhh… what a life. 🙂

(curahan hati seorang mantan pemalas..hehe)