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Finding the Right Job

“It is virtually impossible to know where any given job will take you. In fact, if you meet someone who has faithfully followed a career plan, try not to get seated beside him at a dinner party. What a bore!” -Jack Welch-

I particularly like these words by Jack Welch. It’s like an AHA! moment for me.

I was confused about what I want to do with my life. My job was a bore. I had so many options of what I want to do with my life and I didn’t seem to know which one I want to focus on? All of them are nice and they all fit with my vision.

So, I had no clue. I was to busy thinking.. figuring what my next move was.. and while doing that, I ended up spending a year doing absolutely nothing! Go figure! 🙂

I wasn’t living.. just merely surviving. Up until my best friend gave me a really good advice that set me on track. He said “You think too much! Why don’t you just try them all. See how it goes. Surely one of them will lead you to what you were looking for. If you’re to busy thinking, you’ll end up not doing anything.” (Yes Fer, it’s YOU. I know how “Narsis” you are so I’ll give you the credit here, assuming you read this ;p).

And then I read another thing that Jack Welch said in his book Winning:

“How do you find the right job?

The first answer is simple: you endure the same gummy, time-consuming, up-and-down, iterative process that all working people go through. You take one job, discover what you like and don’t like about it and what you’re good and bad at, and then, in time, change jobs to get something closer to the right fit. And you do that until one day you realize—hey, I’m finally in the right job. I like what I’m doing, and I’m making the trade-offs I’m willing to make.”


So finally, I’ve decided, what the hell, let just give them all a try and see what happens. Let GOD lead the way. And it’s just the liberation I needed. I’m now pursuing three of my life options, all at the same time. I know that when the time comes, I’ll know which one to focus on. Or maybe, these roads I take would lead me to another option entirely different, who knows!

But at least I’m living..

No one said it better than a friend of mine. “Some people are Snipers. They know exactly what their target is and plan carefully in great detail to make the kill. But we, Yoan, are Bombers. We know the area we want to destroy then we throw bombs at them, see which one does the job. We both have generic dreams with a whole lot of alternatives to pursue it. It’s ok to try all of them, provided each alternatives lead to the same area.. the same big picture.”

I laughed when I heard it. What a creative way to put it. But he’s right! It’s ok to have generic dreams.. it’s ok to want to do everything.. Discovering your dream is a journey itself. As long as you stick to your life vision and actually doing something to reach it, you will get there!

I know I’ll get there! 🙂

PS: Thank you Frans, for the “original analogy”. I know I’m a bomber now. LOL.