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B.E. H.A.P.P.Y

Is it wrong in my age to just live in the moment and not think much about my future.. Coz I kinda enjoy it.. *wink  🙂

It’s not like I plan this to happen, I don’t program my self to be like this.. I spent most of my age hating comfort zone and always looking far ahead to where I want to be in the next 10-20 years. That was me.

But today, I’m like really enjoy looking around and focus much on my surrounding, friends, hobbies, and really just be ME in the present tense.. And not thinking much about ME in the future tense. I don’t know when this transformation happened and I kinda felt guilty sometimes.. Being my analytical self, I started to have questions.. Is this normal? For a person to change so much? Is it OK if I continue like this? Is this just like my way to justify my lack of passion and achievements? Is it because I’m running away from my problems? Because I’m afraid to chase my dreams?

I still don’t know the answers to all those questions swirling in my mind.. Cause the answer changes every second I think of it..



Not really.

It’s not like that.

Is that true?

Is that really how I feel or how I should feel?


At the end, I still haven’t came to a conclusion.. So, I think for now I’ll keep it simple and just do what makes me Happy at this very moment.. If sleeping makes me Happy, I’ll sleep all day.. If spending time with friends and writing makes me Happy, I’ll spend time doing just that.. No plans at all.. But I still gonna make time to think about this questions at least once a week, until I find the answer.. And I’ll pray everyday for GOD to eventually show me the right path to His Good Grace..

For now, I just want to BE HAPPY!  Cheers! *grin 😀


In Search of A Meaningful Life..

26 years alive and counting..

Days go by.. minute after minute pass with little meaning.. without realizing it, I came to an age when I should’ve had the experience and knowledge, could’ve done something about it.. and yet.. here I am now, still looking and unsure of what I want to do with my life..

Is it normal for my age to still not know about which road to take? which job to choose? which role to play in the society? I still felt out of place. Not able to maximize my potential and yet don’t know how to do it best! It sucks when you know you’re in the wrong place but don’t have a clue where the right place is.

They said that life is a long journey.. you are more likely to take some wrong turns before you end up in the right place. The better you learn from your mistake, the fastest you get to your destination. But what if I’m not sure which way to go?

Only one thing I know for sure right now. It’s that I want to have a meaningful live. A very general dream, huh? General dreams can mean a flexibility in ways of implementing it and making it come true.. but, it can also means I lack of clear direction, unsure, or in other words clueless! I think in my case, the latter is more appropriate. Hiks..

In my confusion, I became de-motivated at work, unfocussed in my career choice, and even worse, putting a distance with GOD. I can’t go on like this. I have to work this out.. I have to figure out what’s important and what I want to do with the rest of my life.

26 years alive and counting..

Still trying to comprehend everything.. hopefully, I can work it out..