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Euro Cup 2008. Here’s My Prediction.

Being a longtime football fan, here’s my prediction for the Euro Cup 2008.

Group A:

Winner: Portugal

Runner Up: Czech Republic

Group B:

Winner: Croatia

Runner Up: Germany

Group C:

Winner: Netherlands

Runner Up: France

[Hiks.. I mourn for Italy..better luck next time. L]

Group D:

Winner: Spain

Runner Up: Greece

Quarter Finals:

Portugal vs Germany : 2-1 for Portugal

[It breaks my heart to see Germany lose, but I think Porto will win this one..]

Czech Republic vs Croatia : 0-1 for Croatia [I think we’ll see more surprises from the underdog!]

Netherlands vs Greece : 2-0 for Netherlands [Bantai Yunani!]

France vs Spain : 0-1 for Spain [I bet on Spain!]

Semi Finals:

Portugal vs Croatia : 2-1 for Portugal [Portugal Rules!]

Netherlands vs Spain : 3-1 for Netherlands

And finally..the Finals!

Portugal vs Netherlands

Since I love them both..I don’t care who wins! Hehe..

But If I have to pick, I think.. PORTUGAL will WIN this year. My bet is 2-0 for Portugal!



With a shout, I finish this prediction.

Happy Euro everyone!