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I finally get my dream..

Laying down on the quiet beach..

Looking up to the sky..

Breathing the warm sea breeze..

Listening to the sound of the waves crashing to the shore..

Even the sky seems to cooperate.. It’s cloudy surface protecting us from the harsh rays of the sun..

Here I lay.. on a secluded beach near Tanjung Layar, Sawarna. Surrounded by friends, half of them are previously strangers that I met at the beginning of this trip. Yet, here we are, just 18 hours after, already developing a friendship, bonded by mutual passion in traveling and enjoying all the beauty the nature has to offer. My travel mates, I called them. Hanging out and just having a great time!

As I rest my head on the sand overlooking the breathtaking ocean.. Reflecting my first 18-hours-experience from this whole 4 days trip to Sawarna Beach and Ujung Kulon.. I can not help but wonder..

WOW! What a GREAT way to meet new friends..

lompatPictures taken by Faisal Reza