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Writer’s Nuisance

The annoying thing about writing for me is that the inspiration seems to always come in the least appropriate moments. Like when I was in the middle of a deadline or was stuck on the bus in the middle of a traffic jam. At those times, I usually try to keep the inspiration going for as long as I can. Try to synthesize the idea into wordings and organized the sentences on my mind. I usually have a couple of paragraphs going before finally able to get to a computer and type in my thoughts. If I’m lucky, I will be able to remember enough and develop some writing suitable to what I had in mind.

But there are also those times, when I was not so lucky.. When I could not get to a computer fast enough or did not have the idle time to expand on my idea.. And then the idea is simply forgotten.. Gone without a trace amongst the jumble of thoughts on my mind..  Then I was left frustrated and upset, recalling of what I came so close to have and lost..

Like right now.. I am terribly irritated that I end up writing about it.

How tragic!

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